Bright County Mentors

Creating a better tomorrow by helping the youth of today

A Thank You To Our Volunteers

Bright County Mentors is made possible through the help of our amazing staff and volunteers. Each individual listed here has made Bright County Mentors the positive, effective, and fun organization that it is. We carefully screen each volunteer to make sure they’re a good match for the children in our program.

Staff Members

Samuel J. Smith

Dorothy McKinley

Edward Olson

Kathy Delacruz

Nikki Solberg


Lorene Fox

Carlos Smith

Cynthia Luong

John Sawyer

Theresa Bernard

Steven Blain

Meredith Spencer

Ben Nunes

Pamela Rich

Kimberly Guillame

Amy Carr

Frances Romano

Karen Moseley

Carole Hendon

Sherry Manuel

Gary Brown

Join Our Mentoring Team

To become a mentor, you need availability to participate in our programs, a clean background check, patience, kindness, and a flair for fun! You can explore our site or contact us to learn more about volunteering and what it takes to become a mentor.